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[Videos] ‘NCIS’ Sneak Peek: Things Get Tense Between Gibbs and Tony

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[Videos] 'NCIS' Sneak Peek: Things Get Tense Between Gibbs and Tony

The team is back to the regular case-of-the-week episodes with NCIS season 13’s “Personal Day,” but not everything is back to normal. First, there’s Gibbs’ new look, which will have the team gossiping after he replaces his standard military haircut and polo shirt with a modern cut and tailored dress shirt.

Then there’s the case itself. Gibbs calls on the team to help DEA Agent Luis Mitchell with a case that keeps going cold, but as Tony finds out, there’s more to the team leader’s connection to Mitchell and his desire to help him succeed.

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Watch the promo for “Personal Day”:

Everyone’s having fun dissecting Gibbs’ new look. While McGee and Bishop break down the differences, Abby looks ready to play hairdresser with him.

But it’s not all light-hearted fun. There are at least three separate conversations (at Gibbs’, in the elevator and in the morgue) coming up for Gibbs and Tony, and tensions are going to be running high. “I’m not letting you walk away,” Tony tells his boss.

Check out the first sneak peek, as the team breaks down the new Gibbs:

“This man looks spectacular,” McGee says, and it’s not just his look. He has a new attitude as well, as he seems more focused. When Tony joins McGee and Bishop, he tells them to take down the photos and is in the middle of telling them about what happened when he talked to Gibbs the day before when Gibbs comes up behind him.

That’s when the team meets Mitch, a DEA agent from San Diego who needs their help bringing in a wayward Marine.

Watch a second clip, as Tony calls Gibbs out on his connection to Mitch:

“You can’t keep sidelining me,” Tony argues as he follows Gibbs into the elevator and uses Gibbs’ move against him and stops it between floors. He saw Mitch’s full name in the case files and did some digging. He’s the son of the NIS agent who died protecting Gibbs’ wife and daughter. (Cue flashbacks.) “Who Mitch is,” Gibbs tells his second-in-command. “Not your concern.”

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