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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: A Surprising Heist

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'Teen Wolf' Recap: A Surprising Heist

This week on Teen Wolf, Kate Argent is back murdering people, baby Derek knows Spanish but not much else, and it turns out the Hales are multimillionaires, because that really gibes with their established lifestyle of living in burned out husks and wearing the same v-neck every day.

This episode really zipped around, but I’m not entirely sure it accomplished very much. After the premiere, we were stuck with a young Derek Hale and no idea what was going on besides some vague mumbo-jumbo about ancient Aztecs. If you thought the follow-up to all this nonsensical mysticism would even be explained, you were certainly in for a disappointment. Instead the show tossed off a quick line about wolfsbane and Aztec tombs and then it’s off to the races with baby Derek. How exactly did Kate pull off this Benjamin Button-ing? Who knows!

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