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‘Scream Queens’ Recap: How Many Red Devil Killers are There?

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'Scream Queens' Recap: How Many Red Devil Killers are There?

The body count is climbing on Scream Queens as everyone starts pointing fingers of who could be the Red Devil killer. In “Chainsaw,” it seems there could be more than one Red Devil killer adding to his or her death toll. As Wes struggles to keep his daughter safe, Grace sets out to figure out who the killer is. Meanwhile, as a way to show the Kappa ladies how to build strong relationships, Munsch and Gigi move into the sorority house. And after a fallout with Chanel #5, Chanel adds to her collection of minions.

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Where is Chanel #2?

It seems that the bodies are not only continuing to pile up, but they also go missing on campus. First, Miss Bean and Denise’s partner, and now Chanel #2. Chanel confronts #5 about where the body is, but #5 informs her that she’s over the Red Devil serial killer. She’d rather focus on getting laid by hot guys than worry about a murderer.

But Chanel is not the only one worried about where Chanel #2 is, even if it’s just her body. Grace and Zayday do a little investigating because they haven’t heard from her. Security guard Denise shows the ladies the tweet from #2 saying she’s being murdered by the Red Devil after they find blood in her room. But Grace and Zayday aren’t convinced because it seems #2 is still posting photos on Instagram, though the photo they show looks like #2’s body crumbled by a pool. Not really proof she’s alive.

Grace and Zayday head to Chanel #2’s parents’ house and find out that her real name is Sophia and that she used to date Chad.

Take Back the Night

As a way to assure students that the campus is safe, Munsch holds a Take Back the Night rally. She lets students know that each of the recent deaths was either accidental or suicide, and that the campus is the safest it’s ever been. She then informs the students that due to people mistaking the Red Devil mascot with a possible serial killer, she is changing the school mascot costume to an ice cream cone, Coney.

Coney is very short-lived, though. As he makes his way through campus and back to his dorm room, he comes face to face with the Red Devil and a new weapon of choice, a chainsaw. Perhaps the real mascot was upset the Red Devil costume was no more?
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