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‘Grimm’ Recap: Beware of the Boogeyman

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'Grimm' Recap: Beware of the Boogeyman

In the tonight’s episode of Grimm, called “El Cucuy,” we start from two weeks ago, when two masked men beat a gas station attendant. Present day then picks up from the end of the previous episode , after Juliette discovered Nick’s email from someone who signed it “love you, M.”

Who Is M?
Juliette confesses she saw Nick’s email from “M,” and Nick doesn’t hesitate to tell her it’s his mother. He goes into the backstory of how he found out his mother wasn’t dead after all, which happened while Juliette was in her coma. It’s nice the show also shows flashbacks from when his home was broken into and his mother saved him in order to refresh our own memories.
But Nick doesn’t know why his mother is reaching out to him with a warning about trouble. He can only take it to mean she’s in trouble but has no idea where she is.
Later, Juliette does some digging — tracking down the email’s IP address to find out the email originated from Slovenia. Hmm, didn’t realize it was so easy to do that.

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