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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11 Premiere Recap: Some Jobs Need Professionals

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'Criminal Minds' Season 11 Premiere Recap: Some Jobs Need Professionals

The lesson that Criminal Minds season 11 premiere presents is simple: Don’t hire a hit man. If you do hire a hit man, don’t then hire a cheap hit man to take out the first hit man.

In “The Job,” the BAU has a bizarre case on its hands, with two victims found across the country from each other, killed in the same way but with no apparent connection between them. Meanwhile, with the team down to five for the time being as JJ is on maternity leave, Hotch interviews potential replacements, and Dr. Lewis easily wins the spot when she shows what she can do in the middle of a highly stressful situation.

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Though JJ is on maternity leave, she does briefly appear. On a call with Hotch, she admits that she does want to come back, just not quite yet. He understands and tells her that while they do need her, her family needs her more. Her job will be there when she’s ready to return.

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Just Let the BAU Handle This

In Seattle, Washington, a detective thinks that he and his rookie partner just have a regular drug case on their hands, but there’s a dead body in the apartment and his face is painted just like a victim found in Albany. Rossi and Morgan basically take control of the scene and school the local cops in profiling (no, this guy doesn’t have any mommy issues) and syringes (the one Morgan finds is too big to shoot up with). They may be down two profilers, but Rossi’s money is still on the five of them versus the one UnSub.

The first look at the UnSub raises even more questions than I already had after seeing what he does to his victims. His face is covered up to his eyes, and he has a briefcase full of weapons, including grenades. He’s in the basement of a house, and the woman upstairs is terrified of him. She can’t wait to escape back to the safety of the first floor.

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