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‘Castle’ Recap: Beckett Finds a New Obsession

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'Castle' Recap: Beckett Finds a New Obsession

In the second part of Castle’s two part season premiere, “XX”, the show combines clever narrative devices, a twisty plot, and just the right amount of wackiness to create one of the better episodes it’s done in a while. It’s exciting! It’s fun! It has trapdoors! And then we get to the ending. But more on that later.

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Meet the Step-Parents

“XY”, the previous episode, chronicled Beckett’s strange disappearance primary from Castle’s perspective. As the title suggests, “XX” uses flashbacks to tell the same story from Beckett’s perspective while still keeping the plot moving forward. It begins with Beckett and Vikram holed up in the abandoned building from the end of “XY”. Vikram is revealed to be a computer analyst rather than a field agent and is in way over his head. Beckett’s hair is revealed to be impossible flawless, despite the fact that she performed minor surgery on herself hours before.
The mysterious death squad storms the building and Beckett and Vikram are rescued by Rita. Rita is Castle’s stepmother, though they’ve never met and she only sees her husband once a year if she’s lucky. Rita’s purpose in this episode is a) to provide exposition, b) to act as a cautionary tale for Beckett, and c) to be generally fabulous. For now, though, she just gets Beckett and Vikram to a safe house.

What is Locksat?

Meanwhile, Castle and the team continue to work on figuring out what happened to Beckett in the last day, aided once again by Haley. As they discover more and more, we simultaneously witness Beckett living the events. It begins that morning with the phone call from Vikram. He used a code for “life and death emergency”, prompting Beckett to lie to Castle and meet him in secret.

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