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‘Big Brother 17′ Spoilers: The Plan to Save Jace

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'Big Brother 17' Spoilers: The Plan to Save Jace

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 shall henceforth be known as the Greatest Day in Big Brother History. The live feeds for Big Brother 17
were on fire all day, starting with a plot to take out Audrey and a
confrontation between Audrey and Jace
, followed by a shouting match
between Da’Vonne and Audrey
. Now there’s a potentially massive
house-flip in play.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

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Audrey has completely ratted out her original alliance to Austin and Jace. She told them about how James, Meg, Da’Vonne, Jason, Jeff, Clay and Shelli (plus Jackie) are working together and have been plotting to take out Jace from the beginning. However, she did add that Clay and Shelli were the last ones in and can be trusted.

Once Jace learned of this powerhouse alliance, he concocted a plan to save himself by forming the Resistance. He wants to recruit Austin, Liz, Audrey, Vanessa, Steve, John and Becky to be the seven votes to save him since they aren’t in the main alliance.

Audrey is down with the plan and Vanessa seems to be too, though she’s still very wary of Audrey and doesn’t really trust her. And Clay and Shelli are in with both halves of the house, continuing their Sleeper Cell alliance with Austin and Vanessa (plus Audrey, though she’s more of a loose cannon).

The biggest problem in the plan is that Becky seems to be very close to Jackie, the other nominee. And when Jace asked Johnny Mac to talk to Audrey, the rock star dentist flat-out said “No, I don’t want to.”

Becky and Johnny Mac then went upstairs with the HoH crew (James, Meg, Da’Vonne, Jason, Jackie, Jeff and Clay) for some bonding, making it look like they are going to vote with the power alliance.

Vanessa did come up with an alternate plan, one that requires her and Austin to convince Clay and Shelli that they have to vote for Jace to stay to prove their loyalty to them. But even if those four, Liz and Steve vote for Jace to stay, they’d still need one more, either Johnny Mac or Becky. Jace has been on a seesaw of emotions, thinking he has a shot, thinking he’s doomed, thinking he has a shot and so on.

Even worse for Jace, Austin isn’t sure he even wants to try to save his Shelltown bro. Austin is worried that if Jace stays, Jace becomes a target and, if he wins the PoV, Austin will go up as a replacement. He thinks Jace getting evicted would make him less of a target, which isn’t a bad idea. Later, Vanessa covered her bases by talking to Jackie to get her to promise safety if she wins HoH next week.

The scariest moment came when Jace talked to Steve. Presumably he was trying to get Steve’s vote, but instead he viciously attacked Steve, making him feel like a terrible person by calling him a rat and blaming him for Jace’s eviction. He said that everyone makes fun of Steve behind his back and he’s very disappointed because he thought they were friends. It got extremely ugly and personal, saying that Steve has a defect in his personality and should feel guilty when he goes to sleep every night. Apparently his goal was to bully Steve into voting to keep him by saying he’s weak and a loser if he doesn’t.

It’s sounding like Jace is still going to be evicted, but the battle lines are being drawn for week 2. Austin and Vanessa are getting very close (they have a Final 2 deal) and they have Liz too. Audrey has no choice but to work with them since she burned the other side of the house. Clay and Shelli are squarely in the middle. It looks like Johnny Mac and Becky are siding with James, Meg, Da’Vonne, Jason, Jeff and Jackie.

With 48 hours left before the first eviction and a new HoH competition on Thursday night, things are going to be changing a lot. One thing is for sure: Big Brother 17 is off to an amazing start.

(Image courtesy of CBS)

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