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Amazon Sticks It To The Competition: Will Stop Selling Apple & Google Streaming Boxes

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Amazon has announced they will stop selling streaming boxes and devices from Apple and Google including Chromecast, Nexus Player and Apple TV. Marketplace sellers are no longer allowed to list new streaming boxes/sticks from Apple and Google and current products will be removed for sale on October 29th. Amazon says they have made the decision to stop listing these items for sale since they don’t currently run Amazon’s Prime streaming service and that Amazon wants to “avoid customer confusion”. While that sounds like a weak excuse on Amazon’s part, we don’t know all of the details and it could be that Apple and Google won’t allow Amazon on their devices.

NewsON, Watchup, ZypMedia target the oft-overlooked local TV streaming opportunity

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In our latest feature, I take a look at an OTT market segment that tends to get pushed aside by shinier business models like SVOD: broadcasters adding online strategies to their to-do lists. At the risk of throwing too many clich

Verizon go90’s partnership deals: Publicis, New Form Digital sign on

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As Verizon's (NYSE: VZ) new go90 mobile-focused OTT service rolls out, the provider is announcing a number of partnership deals designed to boost both its content offerings and its advertising inventory. At an Advertising Week event in New York, AOL, which is leading go90's ad sales strategy, announced a year-long partnership with the world's third largest advertising group, Publicis Groupe, in a deal worth $50 million. Publicis will be the exclusive advertiser on the service for its first three months, starting in the fourth quarter of 2015

Next-Gen Video Needs Next-Gen Audio: But at What Cost to License?

Next-Gen Video Needs Next-Gen Audio: But at What Cost to License?

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Over the past few weeks, everyone in digital media circles has been talking about the HEVC/H.265 video coding standard including who’s adopting it, how much it will cost to license and what the launch of the Open Media Alliance might mean. The spotlight on video has burned so bright that next-gen audio has not been covered at all.

Verizon Still Scamming Customers: Tries To “Upsell” Me To 75Mbps, To Get Better Quality Netflix/iPhone Streaming

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This afternoon I called FiOS tech support to ask them to stop sending me emails about the pope’s schedule of when he is on TV and what channel to watch. Verizon provides no unsubscribe link and offers customers no way to opt out, so you have to call them to make the emails stop. I was transferred from tech support to sales who said they would remove me, but also told me that I should consider upgrading my 50Mbps service to 75Mbps a month as I was told that Verizon considers me a “heavy user” of their services.

Amazon refreshes Fire TV, adding 4K capability and gaming option

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Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) released its updated Fire TV streaming device, adding 4K capability, higher processing power, and a gaming option with a game controller and two bundled games. The updated device was among a flurry of announcements by the e-tail giant that also included two new Kindle Fire tablets and a lower-priced Kids Edition durable tablet, all of which were developed with content streaming in mind. Amazon updated Fire TV devices and Kindle Fire tablets hit the market on Sept.

Fullscreen, like MiTu, targets bigger OTT audience, revenues with premium strategy

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Fullscreen, the massive Otter Media-owned multichannel network, announced it will launch an SVOD (subscription video on demand) service in the next few months. The MCN did not give any further details, like pricing, but its new direction further illustrates a trend by larger YouTube channel networks to springboard off of the Google (NASDAQ: GOOG)-owned online video service and control its own future. “Just as premium cable networks raised the bar for television over the past decade, we aim to do the same with a new generation of creators, stars and personalities. And we're going to do it our way,” said George Strompolous, founder and CEO of Fullscreen, in a blog post on the MCN's website. Content for the premium service will be targeted toward audiences “who grew up online and live on their mobile devices,” Strompolous said

IBC exhibitors’ gimmicks and tech toys turn heads

IBC exhibitors’ gimmicks and tech toys turn heads

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Drones buzzing overhead, a wayward DeLorean, Flamenco dancers, magic tricks — there were enough gimmicks at the IBC Show this year to temporarily distract attendees from the wall-to-wall video processing and delivery technology on the exhibition floor, and the panel sessions detailing the transformation of the broadcast industry across the Amsterdam RAI conference center. Executive Editor Mike Dano compiled a few of this year's visual treats from the show in our latest photo feature. Check it out here .

On OTT’s iron throne, customers and content rule, MLBAM and others say

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Cedexis Announces New Video Service For Improving QoS

Cedexis Announces New Video Service For Improving QoS

September 15, 2015 by streaming video · Leave a Comment 

Cedexis, long known for its multi-CDN/multi-cloud solutions for general purpose HTTP and HTTPS traffic, has announced a product called “ Cedexis Buffer Killer “, that is specifically aimed at the online video space. The Cedexis video solution allows content owners that use multiple CDNs to shift traffic, in real-time, based on QoS metrics. Cedexis new offering will directly compete with Conviva’s Precision product line. According to Cedexis its initial set of beta customers have experienced on average a 56% improvement in buffering; 18% improvement in video start-time; and a decrease in video failures of up to 66%

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