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Cedexis Announces New Video Service For Improving QoS

Cedexis Announces New Video Service For Improving QoS

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Cedexis, long known for its multi-CDN/multi-cloud solutions for general purpose HTTP and HTTPS traffic, has announced a product called “ Cedexis Buffer Killer “, that is specifically aimed at the online video space. The Cedexis video solution allows content owners that use multiple CDNs to shift traffic, in real-time, based on QoS metrics. Cedexis new offering will directly compete with Conviva’s Precision product line. According to Cedexis its initial set of beta customers have experienced on average a 56% improvement in buffering; 18% improvement in video start-time; and a decrease in video failures of up to 66%

Linear OTT’s biggest value proposition: churn doesn’t matter

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AMSTERDAM — Roger Lynch, the head of Dish Network-owned linear OTT provider Sling TV, isn't concerned about subscriber churn. At least, that's the face he presented to audiences at IBC in a keynote presentation. The reason? Churn is not such an expensive proposition for OTT providers as it is for pay-TV operators. “This is another way that OTT is different from pay-TV,” Lynch said

HTTP/2 Will Bring Significant Speed Improvements For CDN Customers

HTTP/2 Will Bring Significant Speed Improvements For CDN Customers

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Lately content owners have been asking me about HTTP/2 and what my opinion is on how it will impact the future of the content delivery business. The current HTTP protocol has worked well for a long time and was aligned with the needs of web developers when it was widely adopted around 1997. However, since then, webpages require much more external resources, bigger images, and today’s webpage are significantly different from those in the late 90’s.

Google Cloud Announces CDN Interconnect Program With Level 3, Fastly, Highwinds & CloudFlare

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Google Cloud has announced a new collaboration with four CDN providers, Level 3, CloudFlare, Fastly and Highwinds in a program they are calling CDN Interconnect. The goal is to allow joint customers of these CDN providers and Google’s Cloud Platform to pay reduced prices for in-region Cloud Platform egress traffic. I’m also hearing that additional CDNs will join the program before too long, giving content owners even more flexibility. For customers using Google Cloud as their origin source, this will lower their delivery costs and should improve delivery performance

Hulu moves ahead with ad-free SVOD service, but can it compete with Netflix and Amazon?

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Move over, ad-supported Hulu: the streaming service is adding a third subscription tier, this time completely ad-free, for $11.99 per month. The widely rumored move was announced by the company in a blog post on its website. The service will allow subscribers to watch content completely free of commercials. Hulu's original $7.99 monthly service still features limited commercial interruptions, but will continue to enable access to the most current episodes of top-rated broadcast TV series, as well as exclusive content. “Many of our customers have asked us for a commercial-free option, and so today we are excited to introduce just that,” CEO Mike Hopkins said in the post

Google developing VP10 encoding, promising to cut online video size by half again

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Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is trying to speed ahead in the encoding race against other high-quality video compression technologies like HEVC/H.265, telling CNET that its engineers are already beginning work on the successor to its current open-source encoding standard, VP9. “We're hoping to hit the performance target by the end of next year,” James Bankoski, engineering product manager for Google, told CNET . Google engineers are adding changes to the company's VPx software project. VP9, and its planned successor VP10, is an open-source technology that, like its competitors, compresses online video so that it takes up less capacity on IP networks, making delivery easier and more reliable. The technology is free to use — an advantage that's getting a lot more attention as a more widely used encoding standard, HEVC, runs into patent fee issues

YouTube Gaming poised to launch as major competitor to Twitch

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YouTube's answer to live-streaming game site Twitch is reportedly set to go live: YouTube Gaming will be available in every country in which the top OTT video site operates, Ars Technica reports. The site, developed after Google failed to purchase Twitch — Amazon swooped in with a $970 million offer instead — will serve as a “collection point” for all gaming content that is currently on YouTube, in addition to showing live-streamed games. YouTube Gaming will also be available on Android and iOS devices in the U.S. and the UK, according to PC Mag

Charting OTT’s audience in Q2 2015: stats from Rentrak, comScore, Nielsen

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How are audiences watching video today? What percentage of time do they spend watching online video versus live linear television? How engaged are they with the content they're watching? As we did in the first quarter of 2015, we take a look at how OTT viewers are watching, accessing and talking about the content they're seeing, drawing on numbers reported by some of the top audience measurement firms including Nielsen, comScore and Rentrak. In the first quarter, a lot of emphasis was being placed by measurement firms and the industry at large on social media engagement: how frequently viewers were mentioning a movie or TV show on sites like Facebook and Twitter

Maker Studios misses its first earn-out mark, sees just half of expected $200M

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Maker Studios' payout from Disney, a year after its acquisition, will be somewhat smaller than the potential $450 million that was on the table at the deal signing. The multichannel network's backers will instead see a just $105 million of an initial earn-out that could have reached $200 million. And with the MCN and its parent company facing rough waters ahead, it's unlikely that Maker will reach the goals set out for it.

Roku, Chromecast top streaming device purchases, usage, research firms find

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Online video streaming devices are present in 21 percent of U.S. homes, a 13 percent increase over the past year, new research from The Diffusion Group has found. Further, a Parks Associates study revealed that four brands make up 86 percent of all streaming devices sold: Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Roku

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