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The Best TV Show Intros of the Last Five Years

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The Best TV Show Intros of the Last Five Years

TV Show intros are a huge influence to our favorite shows’ tones. They have the power to really put you in the mood for your favorite series, and when powerful enough, have you whistling them for the rest of the day. Some shows do a better job than others with this, and many classics have gone down in history as synonymous with that show. Here’s a look at our favorite intros over the last five years. From Orange is the New Black to The Office , here’s a look at our favorite TV show intros in the last five years.

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Orange is the New Black

The animals…the animals…this intro seems to go a either way for a lot of people. People either seem to love it or hate it. No matter where you stand on it, you can’t deny that it’s catchy. It may be a little longer than most, but that’s really only because Netflix can make their intros however long or short they see fit, thanks to a little thing called the fast forward button. The sort of dark, gritty look of this intro that pans through countless and random inmates faces is perfect for this show and ties in great with the lyrics of the song. The lyrics talk about all the faces of people whose paths cross, all with different stories that we now have “time” to hear. Also, the faces are so close up and of random people, most of which aren’t even cast members. I think this was to show how no one in the show is more special than anyone else. No one’s story is more important than someone else’s. I’m a huge fan of this intro.

Breaking Bad

Short and simple. This intro makes its point in less than 20 seconds and does so without credits, images or clips from the show at all. Instead, its chalkboard like background that uses smoke to create the Bromine and Barium symbols from the element chart and Breaking Bad logo is pretty misleading when you think of how little it illustrates the other “elements” (pun not intended) of the show. Nonetheless, that’s sort of the subtlety of Walter White himself.

The Office

This intro just makes me happy. Maybe it’s the show that makes the intro such a feel-good, maybe its vice versa. Either way, this piano melody accompanied with close-ups of mundane office work and cast members is a really cozy thing to watch and I can never bring myself to skip over it. It may or may not also be my phone’s alarm clock.

Game of Thrones

The most epic intro you’ll ever see. It’s close to two minutes in length, but is a perfect setup to an epic show. Not only is the music intense and can be used as background music to liven up other boring tasks in your life, but the visuals are actually pretty helpful for you to navigate Westeros. They change up which kingdoms are shown in it once in a while, but it’s a cool way for you to see how everything is laid out and how far away each character is from each other. Everytime I watch it, I find myself going, “oh, so that’s where that is!”

House of Cards

To me, this intro is like a modern-day version of the one for Game of Thrones The music is epic too, but in a much different way. The trumpets and piano sound pretty military-esque, which is perfect for the obvious political themes of the show. This is also clearly stressed in the visuals, which compile of really beautiful time-lapses throughout Washington D.C. This is also pretty similar to Game of Thrones in that respect, because its intro shows you a nice layout of the place where the show is set. When I first saw these D.C. time-lapses, I just remember being amazed at how crisp the quality was. A lot of people don’t like the length of the House of Cards intro, but I never skip over it. Maybe I’m a sucker for intros, but I like to think I’m just a sucker for good intros.

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