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iPad 3 Wi-Fi Issues Investigated By Apple, Affected Units Replaced By AppleCare

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In the past few days, Apple has received a lot of customer complaints regarding a series of Wi-Fi issues, which affect the third-generation iPad which they released this year. According to the AppleCare document which Apple has released, Apple is investigating in order to see what to make of the complaints about the iPad 3’s Wi-Fi-related issues. There have been a lot of iPad users who have complained that the third-generation iPad has a lot of Wi-Fi issues, which include: connection drops, slow upload and downloading speeds and even the device’s inability to pick up and connect to the local Wi-Fi networks present in the vicinity. Don’t know how was the Wi-Fi version cleared for China with all the issues. Read after the break to know more about the issues that the customers are facing and what Apple has decided to do about them!

With the awesome features present in the iPad 3; many people believed that it was the ‘perfect’ tablet that anyone could ever wish for. With its Retina Display and the A5X processor chip, along with other features, the iPad 3 was on its way to become the ‘best’ tablet currently present in the market. Don’t get me wrong, I still think that the third-generation iPad has raised the bar for future tablet releases; however, no one was expecting that because of the iPad 3, Apple will begin to receive complaints about the device and Apple would have to come to the decision of replacing the affected units. At first, there were a few people who complained about the Wi-Fi connectivity issues. However, more and more complaints have started to reach Apple’s ears, and they have decided to do something about it.

Apple’s online support forums have a thread which discusses about the issue of the Wi-Fi connectivity present in the iPad 3. The thread present in this forum has received 700 replies of people who are facing the same issues as mentioned earlier. We have also visited this thread and have gone through every single reply of different people. Below, you can read some of the replies that are present on the thread, which we have summarized in order to give you the main idea about the replies that people have made;

One of the visitors has written that he is in a hotel room with his laptop and the new iPad 3. However, the laptop is receiving a strong Wi-Fi reception while the iPad 3 is only receiving a very weak signal. He then asks others if they have experienced the same kind of issue, and if they have any suggestions.

Another person has written that the Wi-Fi connection issues have nothing to do with the routers. He further elaborates by saying that he is right next to his wife, whom he gave his iPad 1. The wife is receiving full bars on her device while he has only one or two bars.

Other people have also written about the Wi-Fi connectivity issues saying that the iPad 3 isn’t able to receive a strong signal while the iPad 1 is able to receive a very strong signal, when they compared the two devices next to each other.

Wi-Fi connectivity issues in the third-generation iPad are one of the many issues which the media has been reporting about. There was news about issues with the iPad 3’s charging and overheating and now, the connectivity issue has been added to the list.

The good thing is that Apple hasn’t ignored these complaints and has admitted that some of the iPad 3 models could have Wi-Fi connectivity issues present in them. According to Apple, the symptoms could include, however, not limited to: slow Wi-Fi speeds, intermittent connectivity and indicating that the Wi-Fi network can’t be seen.

Apple has asked the AppleCare employees that they should ensure that when they test the devices they should see that the connectivity issues are because of the hardware component present in the device and are not because of the software bugs that could be present.

According to Apple, the only devices which are affected by these issues are the Wi-Fi only third-generation iPads. Apple further stated that the iPad 4G LTE models are safe from these issues. The reason Apple has given for this is that the 4G LTE models are safe from the connectivity issues because of the extra network power they are allowed to have because of the black rubber cut present on the top of the unit.

The third-generation iPad’s which are being affected by these Wi-Fi connectivity issues have been labeled as being “Captured”.

For those of you who don’t know. The word “Captured” is supposedly a code for the device to be immediately packed and then shipped to the Apple engineering centers in order to be examined and properly investigated.

Apple has instructed its employees to “Capture” the iPad 3 and the accessories included in with such as the charging adaptor and the USB cord and do a deep analysis of each device to see why these Wi-Fi connectivity issues have occurred.

On the brighter side of things, Apple has announced that they will be replacing the affected units and that their customers shouldn’t worry about these issues anymore.

Let us know if you too are having the Wi-Fi connectivity issues with your iPad 3 and whether or not you have got the replacement yet.

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