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iPad 3 Is Making ‘iPad’ As People’s First Choice Apple Product

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Apple has always provided people with products that they can use in their daily lives. With its devices like the iPod and the iPad, Apple has raised the bar regarding what people have begun to expect from future similar products as well as the products that Apple still has to release, namely the iPhone 5. Apple seemed to have hit the right target when they introduced the first iPod. It was a must for every music lover to have an iPod, and it soon became a household product. However, according to a recent report from a marketing research firm by the name NPD, it seems that Apple’s iPad is beginning to replace the iPod as the product that everyone wants to have. The release of the iPad 3 has added a spark to the overall iPad sales.

As mentioned earlier, almost everyone in this world has an iPod and wherever you look, you will see someone enjoying their favorite music on it or watching a video, however, Apple’s iPad isn’t far behind, and it has begun to replace the iPod as the device that everyone will be seen using. This statement has been made through a report which was released by NPD, a market research firm. This report was released on Thursday morning, and it is a part of ‘Apple Ecosystem Study’ which looks at which kind of users are buying which products and it also looks into why these products were bought. It has already been established that the iPod is considered by many to be Apple’s best product and the fact that Apple’s iPad has begun to catch up to the iPods success and has also started to eclipse the iPod, shows that the iPad is going strong in the Apple’s target demographic as reported by Ars Technica.

NPD has seen as well acknowledged that the iPad is a popular product in people who already have and are using Apple products; however, it has also been seen that a growing segment of people has started to make the iPad their first choice when it comes to buying an Apple product. More than a quarter of the people who are using the iPad right now have said that it is their first Apple device. According to the study which NPD has done, 69% of the US households that own products by Apple say that the iPod was their first product from Apple and according to the way things are going, the iPad will soon become the first Apple device that people buy.

A statement by NPD Director of Industry Analysis, Ben Arnold, shows that the iPad sales are growing much faster than any other Apple product this soon after it has been launched.

This comment does show that more and more people are making the Apple’s iPad their first device to have from this company. The statement made by Ben Arnold also supports another statement, which was made by Tim Cook, Apple CEO, earlier this week during the second conference call held by Apple. It was pointed out by Tim Cook, that since the iPads introduction, Apple has been able to sell 67 million iPads in 24 months. Tim Cook further elaborated his statement by saying that it took Apple 24 years to sell that many Macs, 5 years to sell that many iPods and three years to sell that many iPhones. He also added that Apple thinks that the iPad is a profound product and the breadth of this product is just incredible.

Many of you might think that it is hard to imagine a world in which there will be as many people out there using the iPad as there would be people who will be using the iPods. However, all of the statistics can’t be ignored, and it does seem like that the iPad will surpass the iPod as time passes. You should also know that the iPod has a ten-year head start in the iPod; however, it seems possible that the way the sales of the iPad are increasing, the iPad will be one of Apple’s most sold devices out there.

If you all look at this news, it does have some logic behind it. The iPad seems to have revolutionized what people have begun to expect from tablets. After Apple released the iPad 3, it raised the bar for the next tablets that are still to be released. With the many awesome features present in the iPad 3, like the Retina Display, 4G LTE and the A5X processor, etc. it doesn’t come as a surprise that everyone wants to experience what this product has to offer to the people.

There were a few complaints, which did rise what the iPad 3 was released, such as its battery not being able to last longer, though the battery issues can be fixed as well as there being units that had issues with the Wi-Fi and Apple had to replace them.

However, these issues have been resolved and according to the study which NPD has conducted, the sales of the iPad are still going strong.

Let us know what you think about this all. Will the sales of Apple’s iPad surpass those of the iPod?

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