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iPad 3: Is It Really The ‘New’ iPad?

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It was an iconic moment for Apple, when it launched its initial iPad a couple of years back. Some joked that one of the most dangerous tasks would be driving for UPS. It wasn’t an exaggerated comment since people who had pre-bought the tablets swarmed around the delivery trucks. The wait was quite impatient ever since the release had been announced. A similar mob of people and crowd frenzy wasn’t observed when the latest iPad, which is the iPad 3, was launched by Apple.

The latest addition in the iPad category is a glorious addition that had caused excitement among its buyers. As promised, there are new features for mobile professionals, and iPad 3 is a worthy upgrade from the previous versions. The price for iPad 3 featuring 16GB of RAM is $499 whereas a 64GB RAM iPad 3 would cost $829.

It appears strange that the feature that is being most talked about is the Retina display in iPad 3. It surely is a great feature and is really a marvel in terms of pixel display. Some people find this feature a sufficient enough reason to upgrade from iPad 2 to iPad 3. The display indeed is very pleasing and detailed to the eye. It is a technological marvel that Apple has crafted an iPad that has a screen resolution of 2,048 x 1,536. This is an upgrade from the previous resolution of 1, 0246 x 768. Apple has been successful in its attempt to add four times pixels on the screen.

Owing to the better pixels, the graphic display on iPad 3 is quite amazing. Both, images and texts, are quite clear and sharp. Same can be said about the colors as well, which are quite vivid. This better graphic experience can be observed to its fullest extent when people use apps, particularly those which have been optimized for iPad 3 display. An example of such apps would be the Safari browser and the iBooks e-reader as well. Now, the pdf’s would be less taxing on the eyes and the gaming (high res) would be quite fluid as well. If you view video files that are in high definition (1080p), it would be quite an experience.

The previous iPads had been designed to be more work oriented and has less classy graphics than the iPad 3. A point to note is that Apple claims that despite of having a turbocharged display, iPad 3, in terms of battery performance, is similar to previous models. The ten hour battery life is also featured in this model as well. Users have reported that instead of ten hours, they generally get seven hours when used under full brightness. The battery being used in iPad 3 is lithium ion polymer battery (42.5 watt hour). However, this heavy duty battery doesn’t add weight to the dimensions of the iPad 3.

For those whom Retina display isn’t much of a change, then the 4G LTE is definitely a feature to look out for. The AT&T and Verizon versions of iPad3 have this technology and it allows users to have rapid cellular wireless. This is a great feature, particularly for mobile professionals, who would find that this internet is more efficient in terms of speed than the network at office or homes. It has been reported by users that the network speed in iPad 3 is at least ten times faster than the routine 3G networks. Likewise, it is quite better than land-line networks too.

While using the 4G LTE, the users should be aware of the cost plan as well. You would have to pay $130 more this feature and cost for a data plan as well. The amount for data plan is on a monthly basis and varies from $15 to $80. A note of caution is that while you use this network, it might be possible that you use up your data plan by streaming HD video.

The dictation feature is also a worthwhile addition in the iPad 3. Once this feature has been initiated, the user can dictate different commands or emails instead of typing them. This is a nifty adaption for people who are not quite into virtual keyboards. In order for dictation to work, the user must be connected to the internet. This feature is not as advanced as many of the professional voice recognition service available in the market. But still, it does a good job for dictating emails and writing texts. There is some news that Apple might come up with Siri-like P.A feature, through which commands can also be added.

Apart from the aforementioned features, other options are available as well. The latest Bluetooth version 4 would add to the operating range for the new iPad. The back camera for iPad 3 is a 5 MP one and is a great improvement from the previous 0.92 MP in iPad 2. The front camera can be used for video conferencing and the dimensions are same as before. An avenue of improvement would be the front camera. It is a well-known notion that photography through an iPad can be awkward at times due to its large size. In a nutshell, the features in iPad 3 are quite great.

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