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iPad 3: iOS 6 Update And Release In 30 More Countries

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iPad 3 has emerged in the market as one of the best tablets in terms of functionality and graphic appeal as well. The tablet offers Retina Display, supreme GPU and a quad core based processing at a modest price tag of $499. These features are a major reason for the fact that this tablet is selling like hotcakes globally. Despite of the global acclaim, no tablet is perfect. Likewise, there are some minor shortcomings in the iPad 3. They are minor in the sense that these shortcomings are in the software, so they can be rooted out with an update. The update can be in the form of iOS 6. Some interested news has been received pertaining to this update. A report was seen at AppleInsider that a developer was able to reach out to Apple through the bug report response. The main thing was that Apple responded back.

The problem submitted to Apple was pertaining to the addition of multiple users to iPad 3. Apple responded back by saying that they have identified this problem and are working on the “engineering process”. This response can be deemed encouraging in the sense that Apple is developing an update. From this, we can get a hint that there might be a new feature from Apple regarding iPad 3. This feature would be a part of iOS then.

News surfaced during earlier half of 2012, where Apple had been apparently developing multiple user support for iPad. The principle was that it would make use of the front facing camera and link it with facial recognition. This would help the user with tasks like customization of apps and various related settings. iPad 3 has a very good front camera, and this multiple user support might actually come to realization.

With little time left in the Worldwide Developer Conference, which is to be held in San Francisco, Apple might go for the launch of iOS 6 rather than iPhone 5. Furthermore, if Apple indeed has worked this support out, then this is an ideal platform for them to unveil it. This feature would also become a reason for iPad 3 becoming the universal tablet of choice for many people. Users can conveniently share the iPad at home or workplace. This support would add to the diversity of the latest tablet. Since, iPad 3 has all the necessary features, this support feature would be an icing on the cake. So, there is a possibility that Apple pleases its customers at the Worldwide Developer Conference this year and releases this update.

On another front, iPad 3 is going to be released in thirty more countries across the globe. This release is going to add a lot to the already booming iPad 3 sales across the world. Apple’s latest offing in the iPad category has been heavily admired for its Retina display, and has resulted in the mass sale. The release in the thirty countries is going to be done this weekend. The total tally of countries where the iPad 3 is available is now 80. Out of the total thirty countries, 27 would initiate their sales on 11th May. Among these 27, countries like Brazil, Taiwan and Argentina are included. The remaining 7 countries would begin their sales on 12th May. These include countries like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE). A large sale quotient is already expected in these countries following the amazing response iPad 3 has received since its release.

The main thing about the iPad 3 sales is that have been uniform. The rise has been uniform and the sales are very encouraging for Apple. The amazing thing is that the most recent quarterly reports have indicated an increase of 151 percent! As of now, as many as 11.8 million iPad 3 have been sold. When iPad 3 was launched, it sold a whopping 3 million units during the weekend release. Following the release, Apple immediately came forth with its expansion plans. Shipments for 25 countries were planned within a week. While it was noted that modestly priced iPad 2 were also available, still iPad 3 sales were strong. iPad 3 has truly emerged as Apple’s latest and best offing in tablet category. People have admired the tablet for its phenomenal graphic detail and higher processing speed.

Features like Retina Display and LTE connectivity have also made it easier for people to prefer iPad 3. This is the interesting thing that despite of a cheaper and a better iPad 2 available, people are shifting to iPad 3. With better graphic detail, all features have an additional gloss and attraction for consumers. Apple has done its utmost best to make iPad 3 the tablet of choice for many people. This is why consumers around the globe haven’t stopped buying this phenomenal tablet. Now that we also have news that there is a possibility of an OS update, the sales are definitely going to stay on the higher side. The countries where the release has been announced are impatiently waiting for the launch of sales.

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