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iPad 3: How Fast Is It From iPad 2? Should You Upgrade?

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The world was abuzz with excitement and anticipation when Apple finally decided to release the iPad 3 this year. Everyone was eager to experience the differences and improvements this device would have compared to the second generation iPad, or commonly known as the iPad 2. Everyone was excited to try out the Retina Display, the A5X processor, the quad-core GPU and the other features which the iPad 3 was boasting about. Apple has always delivered new devices, which provided users with more speed than the previous ones could. That is why many of us had one single question on our minds: How much faster is the third-generation iPad from the iPad 2? Though the iPad 3 does seem to have many amazing features present in it, the answer to this question can’t be given unless a proper comparative test is conducted between the two devices. So, if you want to know just how fast the iPad 3 is from the iPad 2 and whether or not it is an upgrade to be proud of, simply read on!

We all agree that the iPad 3 is a tablet to be reckoned with. When Apple released this third generation iPad, it raised the bar for the future tablets that will be released in the market. The Retina Display, the A5X processor, etc. all of these things promise a new experience to the user, and that is exactly what the iPad 3 delivered when it was released. So, back to the thing you all want to know. It is a fact that whenever Apple releases a new device, whether it is an iPod or an iPhone, etc. the new version is better than the previous one; however, the same can’t be said for the iPad 3. Yes, it has a lot of new impressive features, but how fast is it from the iPad 2?

In order to give this answer, a comparative study was done to find out how fast the iPad 3 really was from the iPad 2 and whether or not it was something to brag about. Taking the idea from the comparative study done by Eric Franklin, of CNET, the team took an iPad 3 and an iPad 2 and ran several tests on both the devices, tests which determined how fast the devices performed the function they were told to do. The models of the iPads used were: The iPad 2 (Wi-Fi, 16 GB) and the iPad 3 (4G, 32 GB).

There were a lot of tests that were run on both devices and the time they took to perform the function was noted as well. The tests that were;

1. Boot Time

One of the easiest ways to test the speed of the iPad is by looking at its boot time. The number of iPad users who actually turn off their devices might be less, however, looking at the boot time of the tablet can give an idea about how fast its processor is. The same app was loaded on both the iPads, and then they were put in airplane mode and then powered off. The power button was pressed, and time was noted until the lock screen appeared.

Result: Boot Time of the iPad 3 was 27 seconds and the iPad 2 was 14 seconds.

2. iMovie encoding

Two 30-minute clips were shot by using the front and rear cameras present in the iPads and then the clip recorded from the front camera was exported from each iPad to the camera roll at 720p, and the process was timed until it was completed. The same was done with the movie recorded from the rear cameras of the iPads.

Result: Front camera movie export at 720p for the iPad 3 was 26 seconds, while for the iPad 2 it was 32 seconds. For the rear cameras, the readings come in as 32 seconds for the iPad 3 and 37 seconds for the iPad 2.

3. App loading

Three different games were used in order to see if the apps load faster on the iPad 3 or the iPad 2. The difference between the games was that one of them was simple, the other HD and the other game has been known to take a lot of time to start. The time was noted and stopped as soon as the apps were fully launched.

Result: Both the iPads recorded 6 seconds for the simple game app, 10 seconds for the last app and for the HD app; it was 3 seconds for the iPad 3 and 4 seconds for the iPad 2.

4. App download speed via Wi-Fi

A 23.8 MB was downloaded through Wi-Fi with the iPads being 5 to 7 feet away from the router and the time was noted as soon as the ‘Install app’ option was tapped until the app icon was lit.

Result: The iPad 3 took 22 seconds for the whole process while the iPad 2 took 26 seconds.

So, you have read the results from the tests that were conducted. You can see that the iPad 3 isn’t that much faster than the iPad 2. However, if you want to experience the Retina Display and other features, then the iPad 3 is for you. With all of these features, no wonder the iPad sales are growing more than the iPods.

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