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iPad 3: 7 Ways To Make The Battery Last Longer

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People who have bought the iPad 3 seem to be asking one common question: How can they get more from the battery? The iPad 3 has a ton of new features, like the Retina Display and the A5X processor and these features need power in order for them to work. The iPad 3′s battery isn’t that bad, however, compared to the first-generation iPad; it does seem to lose its charge quicker. Here you will get to read about the ways you can make the iPad 3 battery last longer!

  • Reducing the Screen Brightness

The iPad 3 is capable of providing you with a very bright screen. Even if you have the Auto-Brightness feature of the iPad 3 switched on, even still the brightness of the screen is too much. All of this brightness takes energy from the battery and eats the charge present in it.

So, simply decrease the brightness of the screen to the level you are comfortable with. You can adjust the brightness of your iPad 3 from the ‘Settings Brightness Wallpaper’. You can access the brightness settings by double-tapping the Home button, and this will show you the multitasking bar. Simply swipe the multitasking bar to the right and use the brightness slider present on the left to adjust the screen brightness settings.

You can also try turning off the Auto-Brightness feature and then adjust the settings to your liking. Even if you lower the screen brightness by just a little, you will see that your battery will last longer.

  • Turning off the 4G LTE when not in use

The 4G LTE modem is also something, which drains away the iPad 3’s battery. Leaving the 4G, LTE switched on, even when you aren’t using it eats a lot of the battery’s power.

So, just turn the 4G LTE off, and you will notice an increase in the hours your battery lasts. You can switch the 4G LTE off by going to ‘Settings’ and then ‘General Network’ and then going to the ‘Enable LTE’ switch. You can switch off the 3G by using the switch by the name ‘Cellular Data’.

  • Disable the Notifications

Keep in mind that even if you have your iPad 3 in sleep mode, the device is still performing functions. This means that your device is checking for different notifications from the apps such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. The number of apps which the iPad 3 has to check for updates is related to the amount of battery life it will consume.

By simply disabling these app notifications, you can make the battery last longer. By going to the ‘Settings’ and then ‘Notifications’ and from here you can select if you want to disable the notifications of all apps or the apps you aren’t that interested in.

  • Turn on the Auto-Lock

The Auto-Lock feature of the iPad 3 is able to make your device go into sleep mode after the time you specified has passed. Simply, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘General Auto-Lock’ and then select the time intervals you want after which your device will go to sleep.

This will make your battery last longer and will even prevent unauthorized access from someone else.

  • Disable the Location Services

‘Location services’ is another background task which the iPad 3 does and eats away at the battery. Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Location Services’ and here you can disable it for all or certain apps.

  • Disabling the Push-email

This is another background function which the iPad does. Yes, most of the things which eat away at your battery life are the background functions which the iPad 3 has to perform.

In order to disable this feature you need to go to ‘Setting Mail’, then ‘Contacts’ and then ‘Calendars Fetch New Data’ and then simply toggle the ‘Push’ button for disabling this feature. After this you can set the ‘Fetch’ option to a specified period you are comfortable with. The ‘Manually’ option provides you with a better battery life as the device will only check the email accounts when you use the ‘Mail’ app.

A lot of people have multiple email accounts and with the method mentioned above, you can control how and when the iPad checks each of the accounts.

  • Fully charging the iPad

Yes, the news you have heard about the iPad not being fully charged even if it shows a 100% is true. The difference of the charged battery and the level which is shown is only about 5-7%. So, how can you make your iPad’s battery last longer?

Well, simply charge your iPad for longer. You can’t overcharge your iPad and that is why your device won’t be at risk even if you leave it plugged for a longer time.

However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t allow devices, which have the Li-ion battery technology, to completely discharge as that can negatively affect the device that you have, such as the iPad 3.

So, you have read about seven useful ways you can make your iPad’s battery last longer. Leave us a word and let us know if these ways have helped you or not.

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