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Top Most Iphone Apps to Manage your finances

November 23, 2012 by Guest Author · Leave a Comment 

Top Most Iphone  Apps to Manage your financesApple has released its new innovation recently in the market that is the iPhone5. The products of apple are very popular because of its reputation and demand by the people. The iPhone5 is the best smart phone to date; it has almost everything that you could imagine. There is a big misunderstanding that applications for the iPhone are used only for fun and entertainment. However there are thousands of widgets that can be helpful for managing your finances.

Following are the top applications that can be useful for managing your finances:

1. Balance
It is a simple app that can help you maintain your expenses. It balances all your incomings and outgoings from all of your accounts. Every time you purchase something, pay your bills, or any other costs, enter the transactions into the balance. It calculates and gives your new balance amount.

2. Expensify
Accumulating expense reports can be a typical and frustrating process. Expensify will make your work easier by synchronising your saving accounts and credit cards to manage industry related acquisitions. Digital receipts can also be collected from various dealers through this widget. Expensify will provide you with the entire report whenever you wish to send it to any contact. Also you can be directly recompensed to online accounts.

3. Mint
It is the best tool so far for managing expenditures. Mint offers so many features and it is a very user friendly tool. This tool can be securely connected to your checking accounts to classify and track your finances. It enhances budgeting tools according to our requirement. This software will give you an idea about how much balance is in your account and where it should be used.

4. Freecreditscore
Before you apply for any loan or credits the first thing they ask is for your credit report. Hence you need to maintain your credit score that can be done by freecreditscore. This mobile software tracks your credit score for making a good financial future. But this mobile version is not for free, you need to register by providing a small amount. If you can’t finance the membership then you can opt for same day cash loans which provide instant cash. These days payday loans application is also available for iPhone.

5. Paypal
This is software for your smart mobile that is used to transfer money to other accounts by sitting at one place. The credits can be as gifts, funds etc. It is also known as tip calculator. This is specially used to split the bill amounts, when you’re at any dining place.

6. iTrade
It is the mobile software through which you can get the knowledge of the stock market without keeping any of your finances. This is a free tool that can be downloaded directly from the app store.

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