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Apple’s iOS 6 – It’s More About Best Of The Operating System Features!

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iOS 6 is the latest weapon of Apple used in its new launches and receiving appreciation from the hardcore fans of the company. The software is not just for iPhone 5 or other latest launches of Apple, but the users of previous iPhone versions can also update to iOS 6 without any hurdle. In this writing, few basic features of the software would be discussed to help newbie how they can take advantage of this Apple’s innovation.

You need downloading at first: Before accessing all the features of iOS 6, you need to download the software at first. The latest mobile operating system is available on iTunes, get onto there and upgrade your current operating system. Basic features of iOS 6 are briefly described over here.

Maps App: Although, it’s the biggest enhancement of Apple, but unfortunately it hasn’t worked that much efficiently as was expected. So, to provide the users with enhanced maps experience, Google Maps App is back once again. Apple is struggling hard to make the perfect experience possible with its own Maps App.

Siri – the smarter voice assistant: in iOS 6, Siri is much advanced compared to previous versions. It can now help in launching updates, updating social media statuses, making restaurant reservations.

Don’t disturb – a good feature: Do Not Disturb is an excellent feature that Apple has introduced in its iOS 6 version. However, one can adjust the settings as per demand by going the customized way. The incoming calls can also be declined politely by telling them through a message why you aren’t able to talk to them.

3G FaceTime: FaceTime is no more dependent on Wi-Fi; it’s available on 3G as well. So, now you just need to have signals for iPhone and FaceTime would be working.

Sharing photos: iOS 6 has made it possible to share photos using your very own iCloud account as well as Photo Stream. Direct share the photos from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to the iOS and non-iOS users.

Passbook: It’s a new feature included in iOS 6 to help the users in storing one place storage of tickets, coupons, membership cards, and all other iPhone payment information. It’s not a tough task to add and manage the passes. Passbook integrated apps will make this feature more useful for iPhone users.

Privacy settings: It’s all up to the iPhone user which apps to allow accessing the phone data and which to ignore. Developers won’t request for your access to the calendar or the contacts, as iOS 6 is ready to manage all this stuff for you.

Inserting content in emails: The Mail App of iOS 6 allows the user to insert a video or photo, include VIPs, or refresh the email at the time of composing. No complications are involved in it; you just need to know where it is. You can also use multiple email signatures while using iOS based device. Your each account may have a separate signature without worrying about how to manage that.

Safari: Mobile Safari is available in full screen mode, landscape orientation whether you are using iPod Touch or iPhone. It’s also now easy to upload photos from Photo Stream or Camera Roll in just few taps.

Panorama: With iOS 6, you can easily take panoramic photos in the camera app without worrying about any alternate path.

Facebook: iOS 6 has Facebook integrated in it and just like Twitter; it helps in sharing the opinion over this operating system.

Tracking friends: Find My Friends is an excellent feature to track your friends or family members wherever they are. Whenever any of your friends present in Find My Friends list, you will get notified.

Limiting the iMessage alerts: It’s up to you if you don’t want to receive messages from outside of your contact list people, you can stop by limiting the iMessage alerts.

Aren’t all these features interesting for you and compelling to upgrade your current iOS to iOS 6? If you want to download apps of your choice, you will to unlock your Apple device by running unlock iPhone software. It also works well with iPhone 5 that has iOS 6. Unlocking will also enable you to access all the features of Apple devices that are hidden for others.

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