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Ustream Launches iPad App

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Ustream Launches iPad App

If you have never heard of the video service known as Ustream, you should really check it out. The service is quite a bit like YouTube, except that instead of massive amounts of little videos littering the site and making it impossible to navigate and easily find what you are looking for, Ustream is far more organized. While YouTube is definitely the king of the internet streaming video service, Ustream is the comely prince who just might dethrone the crown before his appointed time.

If Ustream really is going to try and take the title of best streaming internet video service provider they just took a giant step with the release of their own iPad app. While YouTube has had an iPad app out basically since the iPad’s inception, there really wasn’t anything all that new and different about it. You could simply watch the same videos that you could watch on your desktop or laptop, only you could do it on the go, if you had the 3G service. Perhaps this is why it has taken so long for Ustream to follow suit.

Perhaps that particular company knew that there really wasn’t a big demand for yet another site that simply allowed you to watch other people’s videos no matter how good that content is. Even if you aren’t putting together your own Ustream … stream, there are plenty of other people who have worked hard to put together net shows that are well worth the lack of money they are charging to use the site. One of the better aspects of Ustream is that this is no longer a nice little niche site that only has people extolling their personal opinions on things you really don’t care about. The site streams broadcasting from well known sources like CBS News, EA Sports developers, Marvel Comics, NASA, The UFC Fighting League and many, many more. What you can then do, is put together your own reactions to the announcements and events the site shows and allow other people to discuss these topics no matter where they are located.

Ustream Launches iPad App 2

Thanks to the iPad 2, that has become easier than ever to do. This is most likely the reason that Ustream has waited to put together this kind of app, they were waiting for Apple to come out with an iPad that actually has cameras included and now that they do, the Ustream app makes it incredibly easy to put together your instant reaction to the events unfolding and get them up on the web without a long series of steps. Simply shoot the video you want using the iPad 2 cameras and upload it to your channel through the app and presto! You’re an internet sensation.

Another nice feature of this particular app is that you are able to stream content from the Ustream site directly to your television, should you have a device such as the Apple TV using the built in Airplay function. This can be especially useful if you want to see what you’ll look like once one of the network television stations realize what a genius you are and hire you on.

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