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Three Things Apple Got Right With The IPad Mini

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The iPad mini has been a revolutionary device across the boards since release in November of 2012. It offers the same power that the iPad 2 gave, but in a much smaller package than it’s big sister. If you are a iPad 2 user, you will not notice much of a change from your iPad 2 to the iPad Mini. Apple yet again, finds a way to sell a fantastic product and make it better. Here are some of the things Apple accomplished with the iPad Mini.

It’s a smaller iPad 2
To start off with, they didn’t change a thing from the iPad 2 to the iPad mini. You are probably not surprised to find out that it also looks the same as the iPad 2 but smaller. All of the inner workings are the same. You are probably feeling doubtful about the lack of innovation in this new device; however, this is the best thing they could of done. They took a good product and left it as is. What this all translates to — the iPad 2 was great, let’s improve.

Fits within the grip of one hand
The iPad Mini has a sleek profile with a 7.9-inch screen. It could almost be a high tech novel in your hands, that’s how small it is, but it didn’t give up any power for the smaller frame. The smaller frame boasts the same abilities that the iPad 2 does, yet comfortably fits within the grip of one hand. This new size profile allows you to take the iPad Mini with you; wherever you may go, the iPad Mini is conveniently at your side.

Competitive price
It also carries on the legendary innovation that Apple inspires. Apple inspires products to become more like them because they are at the top of the food chain; well, now they took a product that was their image and sweetened the pot. The iPad Mini came in at just the right price to compete with all of the similar tablets. It has a higher markup than similar tablets in the category, but not by enough to counteract Apple’s appeal. People do not want to go bankrupt if they can get a reasonable alternative product; but, Apple priced this product where you can have the luxuries of an iPad 2 at a cheaper price. The iPad Mini is huge due to it’s amazing price point.

The bottom line, Apple opened up the product to more consumers while maintaining the quality standards of the iPad 2. They kept the greatness that they had self-created, placed it in a smaller package and marketed it at a more affordable price — this is what makes the iPad Mini the fire of this season.

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