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Sales Projections For iPads Remain Incredibly Strong

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FAA Approves Use of iPads

When the iPad was first announced, there was very little doubt that the device was going to be a very popular little gadget. Of course when first announced there were those who claimed that there didn’t seem to really be a need for a product that actually needed you to sync with a computer in order to use it but those were mostly comments from people who were trying to behave as if they were a bit more above it all than they actually were. The truth of the matter was that when the iPad was actually released in April of 2010, there was a huge demand. What might be a little bit surprising is that despite the fact that there have since been literally of dozens of other tablet computers released onto the market, the iPad’s demand is still growing, rather than holding steady or actually diminishing.

While RIM and Google and any number of tech companies have attempted to match the sheer popularity of first the iPad and then the iPad 2 recent reports by several industry analysts seem to show that not only is it becoming increasingly hard to shove the iPad out of the number one sales slot, but that Apple is actually improving its standing. Tomorrow, Apple is expected to announce its third quarter earnings and sales and while these earnings will be including other machines and programs, it appears all eyes will be on the iPad and the iPad 2 to see just how well the feature iOS devices are going to be selling. Of course, because the earnings report has not actually been released yet, we can’t be 100% sure of just how successful Apple has been in keeping the iPad sales flowing, but if industry analysts are to be trusted it was indeed an incredibly successful year.

While some analysts are aiming incredibly high, estimating that Apple was actually able to sell over 9.5 million iPads in the third quarter alone, even the lowball estimates of six million sold are pretty impressive. If we take the average estimate of 7.9 million units sold in the third quarter that would mean that Apple saw their iPad sales actually increase 142 percent from the same quarter a year ago.

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