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NBA Jam For iPad Brings Rim Rocking Fun

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BOOMSHACKALACKA NBA Jam For iPad Brings Rim Rocking Fun

Who doesn’t remember dumping a couple of tons of quarters into the video game version of the incredibly popular NBA Jam. Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s there was nary a game quite as popular as NBA Jam simply because there was no other game that looked and acted quite like this one. The giant heads, the over excited announcer, the crazy slam dunks that would literally make your opponent go flying across the screen as you posterized him. Now all that action is back, only it is all on the iPad.

Actually, NBA Jam has been around on the iOS for quite a while, but the newest version is even more loyal to the game that video and console gamers so fell in love with. The best part about this particular game is that the graphics that show a tiny body and a big head might actually be a little better on the iPad screen than they were when you were playing in your neighborhood arcade. Everything else is virtually identical, as you can choose a particular team you want to take to the title, with the need to beat every other team as part of the path to victory. The players are authentic and before each matchup, you can pick any two players from whatever team you would like with the same old emphasis that the best way to win is to find one shooter and one shot blocker on the squad.

BOOMSHACKALACKA NBA Jam For iPad Brings Rim Rocking Fun 2

One of the coolest features of this particular version of the game is that you can also go out and use some old times, such as the Lakers’ James Worthy to help you down your road to glory, should you win enough games to unlock him. When you start the game, you will go through a tutorial that will show you the basic aspects of the game, including how to race past your opponents and slam dunk without getting that ball slapped back in your face. Once you have finished this mode, you can choose to either go down the old classic championship path, or go into the “Play now” mode in which you just choose the team you want to play as, the team you want to play against and who you want to play with.

BOOMSHACKALACKA NBA Jam For iPad Brings Rim Rocking Fun 3

As an additional bonus there is the ability to play against a friend in the multiplayer mode, though the one drawback here is this game is not game center enabled meaning your friend has to be in the room with you using either a WiFi or Bluetooth connection. If you are on the lookout for a truly immersive NBA simulation (something the iPad is seriously lacking) then NBA Jam won’t fit the bill, but then again it never did, whether in the arcade, on the console or now on the iPad. If you are looking for a game that will quench your thirst for rocking and rolling basketball action then this is the same game that quenched that thirst when it first came out oh so many years ago. The app currently sells for $4.99 but EA regularly puts it on sale so if you don’t want to lay down that much, keep checking back.

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