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iPad 2 ‘Plus’ Due Out This Fall?

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iPad 2 'Plus' Due Out This Fall?

There have been plenty of rumors about when the next iPad is going to come out and what exactly it will be called. We even alluded to the fact that what was once known as the iPad 3 is set to have a display that will set the other tablets on their ear. The high resolution screens that are being promised for the iPad 3 may actually be included or they may not quite hit the levels currently talked about but one thing is clear is that there will be yet another version of the iPad and it now appears that it will be coming by the end of this year.

Of course there does appear to be a few changes that weren’t necessarily expected including the name which appears to be the iPad 2 Plus as opposed to the iPad 3. What this means for the future of iPad owners is still unclear but it could mean that Apple is looking to make their own devices obsolete at a pretty historic rate. If the iPad 2 Plus is indeed going to be the precursor to the iPad 3 then it appears this fall’s version of the iPad will be more of a bridge than the next step in the evolution of the device.

The reports that the iPad 2 Plus is coming are due in large part to industry analysts who are seeing Apple asking component makers for quotes on how much it would cost to put together the new iPads. These component makers have told these same industry analysts that the iPad 2 Plus will indeed have some serious upgrades in the screen resolution. While the company didn’t both to improve the iPad 2’s resolution, they did make some subtle changes like a lighter weight and of course the cameras that so many other tablets have been sporting. There are a few reports that now that there is going to be a third iPad, the screen resolution will be improved from the current 132 pixels per inch, to 250 to 300ppi. Of course the same industry analysts are also saying they cannot say for certain that the level of improvement of the resolution is something that can’t be confirmed until Apple starts actually hyping their new product and people begin to know when the device is going to be coming to stores.

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