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5 Free Awesome iPad Apps and Games You Simply Have To Try

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Let’s face it; an iPad is nothing without interactive, informative and enjoyable apps. With so many apps available on the market it can be difficult trying to decide which ones to download and install, so many users rely on reviews and recommendations to help guide them through the array of apps.

Best Strategy App – Clash of Clans

clash of clans

If you like your Facebook strategy games then this is an ideal app for you. Clash of Clans is a combination of resource-gathering and real-time strategy, creating an addictive and enjoyable game.

Players adopt a clan and begin producing and collecting a variety of resources, all with the aim of building up an impressive base.

The great thing about this game is that the animation is smooth (no one likes a stuttering app!) and the game play is enjoyable. There are of course a number of these resource gathering strategy games, but this one is proving popular with kids and adults alike.

Best Shooter Game – Contract Killer 2

conract killer

In Contract Killer 2 you play an international assassin, and your contracts come from a secretive source (who has a hidden agenda of their own, of course!)

This game is ideal for anyone who enjoyed Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell on their home consoles, as the aim of the game is to avoid detection using a variety of cover, take down any enemies using stealth and ultimately eliminate your targets.

Players again earn achievements as they play through the game, encouraging the player to persevere right through to the very end.

Best Sports Game – NFL Pro 2013

nfl pro 2013

This is a fantastic fully-fledged football game wit everything you need to enjoy the sports game experience. As is often the way with sports games, NFL Pro 2013 is based on real teams and athletes, adding a sense of realism to the gameplay.

Your players increase their skills based on their experiences and you are given the choice as to which aspects of their skills are improved.

The app beautifully handles the gameplay, as you take control of one player and the AI handles the rest of the team for you. The controls during play are incredibly simple making this an easy app to use.

Best RPG Game – Dungeon Hunter 3

dungeon hunters

If you’ve spent a lot of time playing Neverwinter Nights and World of Warcraft then Dungeon Hunter 3 is the perfect app for your iPad!

This awesome action packed role playing game is well presented with a familiar format. As is the way with these types of game you can choose from four different classes when creating your character. The game also presents you with four different worlds to explore, each increasing in the level of difficulty.

In some aspects, the game follows the general way of doing things; i.e. you earn gold and additional goodies by completing tasks and killing enemies, but unusually new skills are acquired through books rather than at level ups.

Best Word Game – Words with Friends

words with friends

Word games have been on the rise as of late, so it would be made not to include a word game in this list of top five apps!

Words with Friends provides a familiar and friendly word game environment which immediately feels like a good old game of Scrabble.

Each player has a set of letter tiles and players have to place the tiles on the game board to create the best word that they can think of. Like Scrabble, the board has a number of multiplier squares. Gaming ends when there are no more letter tiles left.

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