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4 Paid Educational iPad Apps for Kids

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Now that you have found free apps to help your child learn on the iPad, you may not be sure what paid apps are available that will help educate your child and keep them entertained at the same time. Here are four apps that are recommended for kids that are worth spending a little money on. Adults will also find these games entertaining as they help the child play each of the games.

Itsy Bitsy Spider HD for iPad

Itsy Bitsy Spider HD ($1.99)
Itsy Bitsy Spider is considered an interactive game that is easy for young children to enjoy that is based on the song by the same name. The game follows the ideas from the song and the child can click the spider to switch between screens. However, there is more to the game then just poking the spider. Everything within this game is interactive and will respond to touch. When the spider is on the rooftop, a squirrel will respond to count peanuts each time it is touch. This game is entertaining as well as educational. A fly is located in every scene and will answer questions about the environment when touched.

Peekaboo Forest for iPad

Peekaboo Forest ($1.99)
The illustrations for this app help the forest animals appear in their natural surroundings. Children will enjoy spending time looking for different animals in the forest and making them appear by touching the screen. This is considered an educational storybook that is designed with younger children in mind. When an animal is found, the name of the animal will appear across the screen and the child will hear the sounds the animal makes. The bonus of this game is that there are no advertisements displayed anywhere in this game, making it ideal for parents to know the child will not accidentally click out of the game.

Kids can Sing - Old MacDonald Had a Farm for iPad

Kids can Sing – Old MacDonald Had a Farm ($1.99)
The graphics are entertaining as the characters are designed to have more of a three dimensional affect as they sing and dance on the screen. Game play is easy enough that the child does not need much in the way of instruction for this game. The child will have fun singing the song Old MacDonald had a farm while having the ability to click on each of the animals to hear their sounds.

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