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Window 8 : What To Expect On The Official Release Day?

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Windows 8 What to Expect

The tension builds for all Windows fans: this September/October Microsoft will officially release its famous operating system after its total makeover – Windows 8. The newest version of the widely used OS will not only change its “looks” completely for stylish, redesigned User Interface, but also change its customers’ perception of interactivity and navigation. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? The final test version has been complete and already released in June for developers to try it out. So let’s look further into the features of revolutionary Windows 8 that will appear for sale this autumn.

What makes Windows 8 to be considered a mind-blowing OS?

Windows To Go. This notable feature allows you to boot from a USB device called Live USB, creating a USB drive that can contain a complete Windows image. Thus you’ll be able to boot and run Windows on any Win7/Win 8 capable PC and work either from home or anywhere you are at the moment.

Metro Style User Interface. The UI in Windows 8 is simple, interactive and, what’s important, uncluttered. Its Metro-style design displays applications in a beautiful mosaic of tiles, providing interactivity of touch-screen navigation as well as common a mouse and keyboard options available.

Windows Store.
Microsoft now offers Windows Store, which is similar to Apple’s App Store. There you can buy and download a multitude of applications from Microsoft and individual app developers.

Single Platform. Windows 8 can be successfully used on laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet computer. The new OS from Microsoft works equally well on all of them.

Minimal RAM. To run Windows 8 you need less than 300 Mb RAM thanks to a better resource handling.

Security is Better. The latest upgrade to Windows Defender makes surfing the Internet in Windows 8 much safer.

Improved Internet Explorer. In Windows 8 the default browser Internet Explorer 10 provides better hardware acceleration, CSS 3 and HTML 5 for drastically improved web experience.

Apps are on 24 hours.
There’s no need to spend time launching applications no more – in Windows 8 they are always on. Fantastic, isn’t!

Having these great features combined with numerous other small, yet effective ones we believe that Microsoft will definitely succeed with its newest OS. It’s no wonder that Windows 8 represents a new milestone in OS software development, allowing developers to create single-platform applications for a variety of devices. The newest OS thus unifies all applications and electronic devices into a whole, a single technology space that ensures a vast usage of Microsoft achievements in the nearest future.

If you are using the latest version of Windows operating system already, check out this free youtube downloader which works on Windows 8.

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