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MPEG readies H.265 by 2013 to double video playback performance on mobile devices

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H.265 doubles mobile performance

H.264 rules supreme as THE video encoding technology for the current generation of mobile devices. However, a new generation of the technology is scheduled to arrive in 2013 and promises to squeeze video of comparable quality into half the file size comparing to h.264.

H.264, also goes by the name of Advanced Video Codec (AVC), is the blueprint for encoding video with limited storage requirements and more notably – partially responsible for a streaming video boom of the recent years. H.265, is fittingly called a High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC), and is optimized to ensure even better quality at smaller file sizes.

Qualcomm, a hardware maker and also a member of the group that keeps developing H.265, has demoed one of the early version of H.265 video on Android powered tablet at Mobile World Congress .

The H.265 codec carrying the h.264 legacy will likely gain huge adoption in short terms. Although, it does have an open source competitor – VP8 maintained by google. Nvidia has already cooked VP8 decoding into its Tegra 3 chips.

To use the currently available mobile video formats with best results, check out this mpeg h264 converter.

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