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How To Backup Drivers: Tips and Solutions

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semper-driver-backup-thumbBacking up device drivers is hugely important for any PC/Mac user. Why? Because system crashes might happen when you least expect them. So to be on the safe side you should safeguard yourself against such possible troubles and be able to restore drivers on your new system without any fuss anytime you need.

Driver backup is so crucial, because it lets you revive normal operating of all devices attached to your system. And normal operating of devices depends on drivers. Hardware drivers are dedicated programs, which are used to simplify the programming and signals sent between a device and the operating system (that controls that particular device). Thus, Windows drivers and non-Windows drivers play a great role in all devices connected to computer working properly.

Normally device drivers are developed by the hardware manufacturer. Hardware drivers are released on a CD or DVD together with the device itself. Lately manufacturers started to provide free driver download on their websites in addition to physical media such as discs. But what if the download is no longer available or the CD with e.g. printer drivers, sound card drivers etc. got lost?

Using special driver backup software you are able to store all drivers safely anywhere you want, and when the time comes it will be no problem to restore device drivers from backup copies. Today there are numerous free solutions available to backup drivers fast and hassle-free, including such programs as DriverMax, DriverBackup and DoubleDriver. All of them proved to be good solutions that know how to backup drivers, and the apps execute this task well.

A new player on the field of free driver backup programs is IQmango Driver BLADE. Last week we got tipped to the release of this driver backup freeware. We tested it thoroughly and decided to give it some spotlight, because it proved to be working as effectively towards drivers backup and restoration as the above-mentioned apps.

During our test we examined the main functions of IQmango Driver BLADE:
- Backing up drivers
- Restoring drivers from backup copies
- Recognizing all drivers (Windows and non-Windows)
- Monitoring and generating hardware status reports

As a result, IQmango Driver BLADE proved to handle all these tasks quite fast. The program is easy to use. Combined with a simple and modern interface IQmango Driver BLADE becomes one of the free backup driver applications you should pay attention to and definitely try out.

IQmango Driver BLADE download:

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