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Adobe Flash for Android discontinued

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Flash for Android discontinued

Adobe Flash used to be the ultimate ruler in the online video market. Even now, the vast majority of video content as well as lion’s share of online games, are flash based. However, Adobe has finally accepted the imminent move to HTML5 – a new format for hosting multimedia content online and even suitable for creating interactive games.

Apple were the first to strongly oppose Flash, even when there were no alternatives to it in sight, as HTML5 was still in its infancy.

Android was truly the last mobile stronghold for Flash, and it even seemed like Flash is starting to strike success with this platform.
However, despite more than a year of development efforts on optimizations, Flash still runs poorly on every mobile device. Sure, it gets the job done in terms of displaying a video or loading a flash game.
But the performance and overall experience is always much poorer than what native mobile apps offer. Taking into account this and the overall security / stability issues of Flash, it’s logical that it never received good developer adoption and had to fade away eventually.

Current devices still get to keep their Flash plug-ins, but as of now, it’s no longer available in the Play Store and there won’t be further development for new devices or new Android OS versions.

On desktop PCs Flash still seems like a given, though latest rumors suggest that Adobe was considering halting development on those as well, and they to make a specific agreement with Microsoft to keep developing flash for Windows 8.

So is Flash really done for?

While Flash is no longer available on the Play Store, there are still many web-sites that require it. Luckily there are other ways to get the plug-in onto Android device.
Besides numerous third party apk sites, Adobe’s official web-site still hosts the plug-in where you can download it and then side-load to your phone.
Keep in mind though, that the development has been stopped completely. Meaning, the plug-in will no longer receive stability / security updates.

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