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Apple’s iOS 6 – It’s More About Best Of The Operating System Features!

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iOS 6 is the latest weapon of Apple used in its new launches and receiving appreciation from the hardcore fans of the company. The software is not just for iPhone 5 or other latest launches of Apple, but the users of previous iPhone versions can also update to iOS 6 without any hurdle. In this [...]

Top Most Iphone  Apps to Manage your finances

Top Most Iphone Apps to Manage your finances

November 23, 2012 by Guest Author · Leave a Comment 

There is a big misunderstanding that applications for the iPhone are used only for fun and entertainment. However there are thousands of widgets that can be helpful for managing your finances.

AT&T Activates 3.2 Million iPhones in Q2 as New Customer Draw Slows

July 22, 2010 by iphone news · Leave a Comment 

AT&T today announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2010, noting activations of 3.2 million iPhones during the quarter, a new company record. The strong iPhone 4 release at the very end of the quarter, however, skewed sales toward existing AT&T customers upgrading their handsets rather than customers new to the carrier, with only 27% of this quarter’s iPhone purchasers being new to AT&T, down from “more than one-third” in the previous quarter and a steady 40% number in even earlier quarters. On June 24, AT&T began offering iPhone 4, the most powerful iPhone yet. Preorder sales of iPhone 4 were 10 times higher than the first day of preordering for iPhone 3GS a year earlier. For the full second quarter, AT&T iPhone activations totaled 3.2 million, the most quarterly iPhone activations ever

iPhone Coming to T-Mobile in U.S. This Quarter?

July 21, 2010 by iphone news · Leave a Comment 

Cult of Mac reports that the iPhone will be coming to T-Mobile’s U.S. network during the third quarter of this year, which runs through the end of September, according to a “highly placed source” at T-Mobile. The move would bring to an end AT&T’s exclusive relationship with Apple to offer the device in the U.S. Talks between Apple and T-Mobile are at an advanced stage, our source says, and it’s 80 percent likely that the iPhone will be coming to T-Mobile in Q3. The source works at T-Mobile but asked not to be quoted directly and to remain anonymous because they aren’t authorized to talk to the press

Skype for iPhone Updated to Support Multitasking [Updated]

July 21, 2010 by iphone news · Leave a Comment 

Skype’s iPhone application has received a much-anticipated update today, bringing support for multitasking in iOS 4. – Run Skype in the background with multitasking in iOS4. Receive Skype calls and IM while other apps are running or when your iPhone is locked. You can also continue your call while you switch to another application.

Verizon Set to Switch to Tiered Data Pricing?

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For all those people who have been waiting for a Verizon iPhone to make an appearance and hoping to get in on an unlimited data plan when it does launch on that carrier, it looks like that option may not be a possibility. Engadget is reporting that Verizon next week will follow in AT&T’s footsteps and switch to tiered pricing for its cellular data packages. AT&T and Verizon tend to follow each others’ moves pretty closely — the two carriers regard each other as their nearest competitors, after all — and we’re hearing that Big Red intends to move to some sort of tiered bucket strategy on July 29. We don’t have details on whether the pricing will be identical to AT&T’s ($25 for 2GB, $15 for 200MB), but we imagine it’ll be within shouting distance if not

Flashlight App Sneaks Tethering Into App Store (For Now)

July 21, 2010 by iphone news · Leave a Comment 

Handy Light, a new flashlight app by developer Nick Lee, brings unofficial SOCKS Proxy tethering to the iPhone hidden behind what appears to be a simple flashlight app that uses the screen for illumination. The app’s description provides no hints of this hidden feature though Lee has posted a YouTube video demonstrating how it works. We’ve also given the app a spin and verified this tethering works as described. Nullriver was the first to offer an unofficial tethering app, NetShare, for the iPhone in late 2008 though it was quickly pulled from the App Store and never became available again.

Apple Adds Audio and Video Capabilities to ‘iBooks’

July 20, 2010 by iphone news · Leave a Comment 

Responding to Amazon’s addition of support for embedded audio and video in Kindle eBooks late last month, Apple yesterday updated its iBooks application for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch yesterday to add similar functionality, as well as several other enhancements. – Double-tap an image within a book to view it in greater detail. – Experience books that include audio and video

‘Filemaker Go’ Released for iPhone and iPad

July 20, 2010 by iphone news · Leave a Comment 

Apple owned subsidiary Filemaker has released Filemaker Go ($19.99) for iPhone and Filemaker Go for iPad ($39.99). From the description: View, edit and search your FileMaker Pro records on your iPhone with FileMaker Go.

Behind the Scenes of the Apple-AT&T Relationship

July 19, 2010 by iphone news · Leave a Comment 

ZDNet reports on a new feature article in the August 2010 issue of Wired discussing the relationship between Apple and AT&T and how the success of the iPhone has enabled the partnership to continue despite each company’s faults. While the full article is not yet available online, ZDNet ’s summary provides some interesting details.

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